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Loans are granted against the mortgage over gold jewellery under the trade name of Muthoot gold loan. Gold loan is a user friendly product to the receiver, on the other hand hassle free credit tool to the lender. Easy accessibility to a gold loan seconds only to a loan against cash deposit. Easy operation and high productivity and will never be second to any other credit tool. Muthoot gold loan differentiates from ordinary pawning not only in legal aspect but also in the way of enjoying benefits. Not as in pawning borrowers are much privileged to have the highest loan quantum per sovereign since we grant loans repayable in a shorter period too. We pay the highest loan quantum per sovereign among all banks and finance companies. We charge a very less interest rate when compared to other leading finance companies. Loans are repayable in one month to twelve months period.

Whenever borrower face difficulty to pay the entire loans at once, their allowed only to pay the accrued interest and extend the repayment period.

The company has right to auction unredeemed articles and recover the dues from sale proceed. However the expectation of the company to return the jewellery to the borrower without auctioning them with a view to be in line with this expectation the company do everything possible to communicate actions and educate the borrower to redeem them within the agreed period

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